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von First Journey Trails
12 Sep 2020, 07:03
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Thema: Klettverschlüsse / Rahmenschutz
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Re: Klettverschlüsse / Rahmenschutz

I agree, there's is room for improvement in terms of cable routing. I internally routed the cable form the thumb gas to the motor. Super clean and hidden away. For the main power cable I use "Klettverschluesse" that I bought and it works well. Every bike is different and it is relatively e...
von First Journey Trails
12 Sep 2020, 06:59
Forum: Verschleiß
Thema: Benutzung bei Regen/Schlamm
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Re: Benutzung bei Regen/Schlamm

I have zero issues with using the Aden kit in muddy, rainy situations. Been riding it here in BC for a while now in bad weather conditions and can't believe how well it works. I clean my bike after every ride and give the drive ring a good rinse. All works great. I thought small rocks and mud would ...